Don't do just anything this summer.
Learn how to do lots of things!

Have the time of your life while learning really cool skills: Sailing, hiking, biking, climbing, archery, woodcarving, camping, canoeing, kayaking, wilderness survival, first aid, outdoor cooking, and 31 more skills and activities! Kesher Scouting is a unique camping experience featuring more activities, more ruach, unparalleled facilities, rugged outdoor adventures - and much more - in a Torah atmosphere. Of course, you will find the qualified and caring staff of bnei Torah for which Kesher Scouting has become known.

Kesher Masmidim is back!

Our older campers who are interested in a longer, serious learning program have the option of joining our masmidim program. It will be run by Rabbi Monish Sax, a highly popular 10th grade rebbi at Ner Yisroel of Baltimore, known for his mussar shmuessim, understanding, and close relationship he develops with his Talmidim, and Rabbi Yosef Berkowitz, a highly regarded rosh chabura at Ner Yisroel who will offer the boys an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by his depth, breadth, clarity, and sincerity in learning and avodas Hashem. We are excited to make this unique opportunity available to our campers. It has been many years since Rabbi Sax joined us at Kesher Scouting, and we are honored to welcome him back and to welcome Rabbi Berkowitz.

Now in our 12th season!